Freitag, 13. November 2009

This is my island in the sun - Sicily?

I’m sure Harry Belafonte was not thinking about Sicily, when he was singing this song, but for me is this my island in the sun, Sicily, where I’m living now since 2001 when my husband Gino and I decided to leave Germany and to go back to the place where Gino was born.

Terrasini in Sicily, for me one of the nicest places to live. When I must describe my new home….

Sicily in one word. Hot. Yes, in every way. What else can you expect of a rugged, mysterious, friendly island that offers you Mt Etna and the turquoise sea. Some delectable wines with character, not only from the Etna region vineyards, and arancia rossa – the red oranges that are unique produce of this island. The fresh catch from the sea make for mouth-watering dishes served with enthusiasm and pride in restaurants dotting the waterfront. Music and dancing is sure to follow, when the wine flows. This is when you really understand the people in their innocence and earthiness, in their pursuit of joy and celebration of life.

A land surrounded by water, unknown to men and other gods. In Sicily you find the key to everything, wrote Johann Wolfgang Goethe, in Palermo in 1787. Sicily has imbibed the best of all the nationalities that have lived there; Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Argons and Spanish. The character of this land and its people are a reflection of centuries of diverse influences that war, religion, trade and maritime events have bestowed upon them.
Sicily is nice and terrible, there are many things that must be changed, but it will take time, like everything here, Sicily is not Italy, Sicily is different, but it has become my new home.
We are leaving this wonderful Island only for some holiday interruption and many of our friends ask why?? if this Island is so beautifull…
...but the world is too big and life is too short to stay always in the same place but every time when we come back we are glad to live here. If you want to spend your vacation here visit our Sicily Website

Yesterday I shot these photos coming down from Carini a village next to Terrasini.
Ulla and Gino from Terrasini