Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

Red Oranges from Sicily to Brazil

The first container of Sicilan oranges headed for Brazil left on January 7, 2010 from Oranfrizer's warehouses in Scordia (Italy). Weekly shipments of Moro variety oranges are scheduled for the month of January: one left today, January 14, and another one will leave on January 21.

The product will be distributed, after 30 days from departure, in the supermarkets of the state of Santa Catarina. “We are very confident about the new opportunities that the Brazilian market can offer to our oranges”, stated Oranfrizer’s marketing manager, Salvo Laudani (pictured). “At least part of South America should not be seen only as a place of supply for imports of citrus fruit out of our season, but also as an important consumer market”.

It is an important step, since it is the first time that Brazil, one of the world giants in the production of citrus, imports blood oranges from Italy. But the uniqueness of the blood oranges grown and produced in Sicily is the strong argument that has allowed us to face this experience. “Is the first time Brazil buys citrus from Italy and our importers are proud to start with a product so unique as the red oranges from Sicily - refers Oranfrizer's export sales manager of, Sara Grasso. - We are already dealing the possibility of starting a shipment with some Tarocco oranges when the fruit reaches the perfect ripening and pigmentation”.
Quelle:green Med Journal